48 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

Driving New Business and Managing Operations Using ClickUp with Layla Pomper

What happens when you FULLY commit to something in your business? What happens when you are completely, totally, 100% all-in? This month we’re talking all about no-code tools and today’s guest, Layla Pomper, has taken her commitment to ClickUp—an extremely flexible no-code project management platform—to the next level. You can use no-code tools like ClickUp to streamline and automate your internal processes and enhance your communication with clients. You can also build digital products, help your students learn more effectively, and add to diversity your revenue streams. Some of the no-code tools out there are so flexible and so capable that you can actually run your entire business, pretty much end-to-end on them.  Well, Layla is ALL IN with ClickUp. She uses it to bring in new clients by using it as her opt-in and as the topic of her YouTube channel. She uses it to communicate and manage her one-on-one clients. She uses it to manage her own team and all of ProcessDriven's operations. She even now has a small group learning program all about how to use ClickUp more effectively. She went all in… and it's paid BIG dividends for her business and her clients. Listen to the full episode to hear: How Layla’s using ClickUp EVERYWHERE in her business The impact she's seen by systemizing everything using ClickUp How to use no-code templates and tools as an opt-in and marketing tool How to get the most out of the no-code tools you're using in your business Learn more about Layla: ProcessDriven ClickingUp Community ProcessDriven Collective  Subscribe to Layla on YouTube Follow Layla on Facebook Follow Layla on Instagram Learn more about Susan: Think Like A CFO Scalespark Action Plan ScaleSpark
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