25 minutes | Sep 21st 2020

Motherhood in Chains: Detention and Other Violations of Liberty

Too often, treating women with respect is seen as a luxury. It is not. Violations of human rights during childbirth are all too common in labor wards, hurting women’s chances of surviving pregnancy and childbirth. This episode of White Ribbon Alliance’s Brave Voices, Bold Actions podcast explores Article 7 of the Respectful Maternity Care Charter, and the human right to liberty, autonomy, self-determination & freedom from arbitrary detention during pregnancy and childbirth. We start with the story of Marie who was detained in a rural Haitian health center for two months after giving birth. Then we chat with Kay Sandberg and Amanda Coslor from the Global Force for Healing and the Compassionate Birth Network about what needs to be done to ensure every mother, everywhere, receives quality, equitable healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth - no matter what.Together, we have the power to destroy the structures that harm women during pregnancy and childbirth! Topics:Why does the right to liberty and freedom from arbitrary detention matter for women's health?What happens when the human right to freedom from arbitrary detention during pregnancy, childbirth, and after is abused?Why is childbirth and maternal & infant care often excluded in funders’ agendas for women’s human rights? How can the Respectful Maternity Care Charter save the lives of women across the world?Transcripts and more information available at www.whiteribbonalliance.org/bravevoicespodcast
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