1 minutes | Jun 12th 2020

Introducing Brave Voices, Bold Actions: Women's Health, Rights & You

Respectful care is a universal human right. It is due to every woman in every health system around the world. And, it was the top request from the What Women Want campaign, which heard from 1.2 million women worldwide about what they want most for their healthcare. On White Ribbon Alliance's Brave Voices, Bold Actions podcast, we’ll take a close look, episode by episode, at the ten basic universal human rights that all women and newborns are due in pregnancy and childbirth.  From global human rights advocates to community leaders creating real change, the Brave Voices, Bold Actions podcast will introduce you to the experts working on the women’s rights issues you care about. This podcast will give you what you need to understand what women’s and newborn’s rights in childbirth are, and how to advocate successfully for those rights, wherever you are.
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