58 minutes | Sep 5, 2021

169: Why Authenticity Always Wins with Erin Parekh

Erin Parekh is a holistic nutritionist and women’s wellness expert who specializes in guiding women to nourish themselves and their bodies as they transition into motherhood and beyond. Since 2017, she has supported hundreds of clients to feel balanced and thrive in their bodies using real food nutrition and simple self-care rituals. In her private coaching practice, she has supported women through challenges in fertility, postpartum depletion, menopausal symptoms, gut health, and stress management. Her expertise has been featured in New York Minute Mag, Palm Beach Illustrated, and Nutritious Life. So, Erin and I have known each other since 2018, when she first became a client of mine and joined my Your Wellness Brand program – and I’ve had the honor of supporting her in her business more recently as she prepares for her maternity leave. I’m so excited to share her journey with you and give you a peek at how her business has evolved since we met. In this episode, we chat about her journey with multiple eating disorders in her teens and early 20’s, and how she ultimately healed her relationship to her body by falling in love with cooking, what it looked like for her to shift out of a 10-year career working in the art world in NYC and start her business as a health coach, why she says being authentic has been the foundation of her marketing strategy and how that has gotten her clients and built her audience, the investments she made over the past 4 years that really helped her build momentum and a name for herself in the industry, how her journey with infertility and then getting pregnant successfully has evolved the focus of her business, why perfectionism and putting herself out there have challenged her the most in business and how she works through them, and so much more!   To learn more about Erin Parekh and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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