17 minutes | May 16, 2021

153: What To Do When You've Outgrown Your Current Business

Ever felt completely disconnected from your business? As if nothing you’re doing excites you anymore? Or like nothing is working? Here’s the good news: It’s 100% normal to feel this way AND that’s because you’ve essentially outgrown your business. While it may be scary to admit, this is a beautiful invitation to evolve and do things differently, and to step into your next level. This is something I’ve supported dozens of entrepreneurs with over the past few years—especially 2020. And I’ve found that once they align themselves, their truth, and their businesses, magic happens. In this solo episode, I dive into how to pivot, shift, or evolve your business with intention so that you feel grounded and confident throughout the transition—and most of all, set yourself up for success.   To submit your question, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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