28 minutes | Nov 13, 2018

BNR 218: Pam Didner on the secrets to effective sales enablement

Our topic today is effective sales enablement. It’s a topic normally approached from the point-of-view of the sales team, but our guest, Pam Didner, is looking at it from the marketing side. Pam is a marketing consultant, an author, and someone well known to content marketers around the world. She’s looked at what marketers can do to help the sales team be more effective. On My Desk Pam recommended Jay Baer’s Talk Triggers and Atomic Habits by James Clear Sarah recommended a blog post of Pam’s called A quick and easy way to create your own value propositions Nic’s On My Desk was a reminder to have insurance for your gadgets – which comes on the back of him breaking his iPad. Links you might need You’ll find Pam Didner (and you can grab her book) here. Brand Newsroom is a marketing podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating — covering marketing, content marketing, public relations, media, branding and advertising.
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