20 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

When the Business Model Makes the Brand: Pacari Chocolate's Case Study (with Santiago Peralta, Co-Founder & CEO - posted initially in October 2019)

There are multiple stories about entrepreneurs who beats the odds and launch their own companies and successful brands. They are a source of inspiration, showing how they made their own marks in doing business distinct from everybody else. Think of a food company that decided to build its whole business model on fair trade and inclusion, the statement that represents its brand identity. This is the story of Santiago Peralta, the cofounder of Pacari Chocolate based in Quito, Ecuador. His company, created in 2002, has changed, not to say revolutionized, the chocolate industry, promoting new strategies and values hand in hand with more than 3,000 families of farmers, creating schools for sustainable agriculture, and developing organic certification processes. With transparency, social responsibility at the very heart of the business model, Santiago will explain how these ethics have shaped the brand, which is now distributed in more than 40 countries and has received more than 300 awards and medals as one of the most premium chocolates in the world. Every two weeks, on Tuesday, Brand & New gives the floor to inspiring individuals, with a 360-degree vision, to help brand owners, intellectual property lawyers, and marketing and finance professionals (and beyond!) stay curious and agile in an ever-evolving business environment. Brand & New is a production of the International Trademark AssociationHosted by Audrey DauvetContribution of M. Halle & S. Lagedamond - Music by JD BeatsFOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT INTA.ORGTo go further:- About Santiago Peralta (link to https://www.linkedin.com/in/santiago-peralta-5a2838191/?originalSubdomain=ec)- About Pacari Chocolate (link to https://pacarichocolate.us) Also of interest:- INTA Bulletin about Santiago Peralta (link to  https://www.inta.org/INTABulletin/Pages/Member_Spotlight_7402.aspx)- INTA Conference about Brand Authenticity (link to https://www.inta.org/INTABulletin/Pages/Brand_Authenticty_Conference_Event_Report_7221.aspx)- Articles about Pacari founders (link to https://www.demeter-usa.org/meet-farmers/profiles-in-farming-archive/peralta-barboto.asp; https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/couple-aims-make-ecuador-cradle-fine-chocolate-making-n474366)- Articles about the chocolate industry (link to https://blog.marketresearch.com/chocolate-industry;https://www.statista.com/statistics/629534/market-share-leading-chocolate-companies-worldwide/;https://www.icco.org/about-cocoa/chocolate-industry.html)
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