24 minutes | Oct 27, 2020

TOMS Shoes: Standing for Tomorrow, the Case Study of a Trailblazing Brand (with Jessica Murray, Senior IP & CSR Director, Toms Shoes Inc. - posted initially on November 2019)

Many brands publicly support good causes, but it’s much less common for brands to build their core identity on the idea of "giving back." That is what makes the TOMS brand pretty unique, as its message, offer, and customer base were all from the outset based on philanthropic principles, notably with their famous “One for One”  shoe-giving program. What made — and still makes — TOMS' brand strategy and implementation successful? What does innovation mean for a brand like TOMS, notably in terms of marketing and audience engagement, and in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives? And what are the legal challenges associated with these new ways of interacting with actual and potential clients? 
In this episode initially posted in November 2019, we discuss TOMS’ innovative brand strategy with Jessica Murray, Senior CSR and IP Director at TOMS Shoes Inc., based in Los Angeles, California With TOMS since 2013, she has spent her career protecting brands across various sectors such as luxury goods and hospitality. She shares with us her perspective on brand enforcement, and more specifically how to foster consumer loyalty through meaningful principles and genuine commitment to social causes.

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Hosted by Audrey Dauvet
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