24 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

The New Pirates: Innovative Options to Tackle Counterfeiting in China (with Loke Khoon Tan, Partner, Baker & McKenzie - posted initially in May 2019)

Welcome to this special episode of Brand&New in Boston, Massachusetts recorded during INTA’s 2019 Annual Meeting. This unique event, a must for education and networking, is attended each spring by more than 10,000 members of the IP community and beyond, from over 150 countries. So Brand&New could not miss it!Counterfeiting is no less than one of the biggest issues of our times. It is self-evident to say that it is linked to crimes, that it costs billions to companies and societies every year in all areas. So relevant actions are more essential than ever, particularly to tackle illicit sales.  Our episode today is about the most efficient ways, with the development of innovative tools, to fight these new pirates.  Our focus will be China, and its challenges about IP, including the impact of so-called trade war with the US.Our guest is partner at one of the largest law firms in the world, Baker & McKenzie, present in more than 40 countries. Loke Khoon Tan leads the IP Practice Group in Hong Kong and China and co-leads the firm’s luxury and fashion industry practice.  He works with global brands, helping them to structure and implement anti-counterfeiting strategies. Loke is the author of the “Pirates” trilogy and other publications about IP protection. So who else to talk about this hot topic?Every two weeks, on Tuesday, Brand & New gives the floor to inspiring individuals, with a 360-degree vision, to help brand owners, intellectual property lawyers, and marketing and finance professionals (and beyond!) stay curious and agile in an ever-evolving business environment. Brand & New is a production of the International Trademark AssociationHosted by Audrey DauvetContribution of M. Halle & S. Lagedamond - Music by JD BeatsFOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT INTA.ORGTo go further:About Loke Khoon Tan (link to https://www.linkedin.com/in/lokekhoontan/ and https://www.bakermckenzie.com/en/people/t/tan-lokekhoon)Also of interest:- INTA Study "Addressing the Sale of Counterfeits on the Internet" (link to https://www.inta.org/Advocacy/Documents/2018/Addressing_the_Sale_of_Counterfeits_on_the_Internet_021518.pdf)- INTA’s new attitudinal study, Gen Z Insights: Brands and Counterfeit Products (link to www.inta.org/impactstudies)- Trademark Law in China - Pirates in the Middle Kingdom, by Loke Khoon Tan (link to https://www.pbookshop.com/trademark-law-in-china-pirates-in-the-middle-kingdom-the-new-frontier-3rd-edition-9789626619032.html)
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