22 minutes | Jun 3, 2019

Brand Strategy & the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What makes an organization more efficient than another to increase its performance, raise its value, and implement the best strategy for its brand(s) in the context of the fourth industrial revolution?  This new wave, also called 4IR, is marked by technology breakthroughs -from artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles- and advances in connectivity and communication. Its impact on brand strategy and the ways to optimize brand organization are explained in this episode by Marc Cloosterman, CEO of the VIM Group, based in the UK. Specializing in brand management for the last 25 years, Marc is involved with his team on global brand transitions, from repositioning projects to mergers and acquisitions. His clients cover most sectors, supporting more than 1,500 organizations, including  telecommunications,banking, and consumer goods.Every two weeks, on Tuesday, Brand & New gives the floor to inspiring individuals, with a 360-degree vision, to help brand owners, intellectual property lawyers, and marketing and finance professionals (and beyond!) stay curious and agile in an ever-evolving business environment. Brand & New is a production of the International Trademark AssociationHosted by Audrey DauvetContribution of M. Halle & S. Lagedamond - Music by JD BeatsFOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT INTA.ORGTo go further:About Marc Cloosterman (link to https://www.linkedin.com/in/majcloosterman/)About VIM Group (link to https://vim-group.com/en/team_member/marc-cloosterman/)Also of interest:About marketing and branding trends:-      Branding Strategy Insider (link to https://www.brandingstrategyinsider.com)-      Marketing Week (link to https://www.marketingweek.com)WIPO: “Branding: How to Use Intellectual Property to Create Value for Your Business?”(link to https://www.wipo.int/sme/en/documents/branding_fulltext.html)
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