34 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

S4: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Self-Worth

Let's face it—finding our worth in a world full of mixed messages, hierarchies, algorithms, speed, and lots of noise (from parents, peers, and institutions) is FRIGGIN' hard. Heck, it's been a journey since my teens and will never cease. So, to help you discover yours and cultivate more ways self-care can work for you at the prime age of 30, I've put together 5 key themes I WISH I'D KNOWN SOONER!!! This journey can be tumultuous. We all have different demands and expectations placed on us and face different societal pressures, so let's try to be understanding and patient with ourselves and others. ++++++++++++++++  CONTENTS: 1-Why comparison is so illogical + some AHA! moments to stop us doing it! 2-Accepting who we aren't/aren't (it really lifts a load off!) 3-VIBE CHECK: How the company we keep hugely affects us 4-Acknowledging what keeps us shining brightly (making self-care work for us) 5-Owning our uniqueness 6-Ways to keep on top of self-education + parting tips! ++++++++++++++++ If you liked this, you might like A Closer Look at Self-Love: https://anchor.fm/themobilementor/episodes/A-Closer-Look-at-Self-Love-e2t54n or A Short Guide to Self-Care: https://anchor.fm/themobilementor/episodes/S4-A-Short-Guide-to-Self-care---ep6MM-eb123e/a-a1oceou or On Giving & Setting Boundaries: https://anchor.fm/themobilementor/episodes/On-Giving--Setting-Boundaries-e3a66g/a-a37ridn ++++++++++++++++ THANKS FOR LISTENING, LOVELY PEOPLE! Send any thoughts or feedback to my IG @a_blanx, or if you want more intimate chats, advice, or mentoring, join me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/alixblanx
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