35 minutes | Sep 6, 2020

S4: On Being Bisexual

**DISCLAIMER: Contains sexual themes. All views are my own :)** Hiiii! I hope you're staying safe, sane, and well. This episode is about my personal experiences and understanding of, bisexuality. I haven't spoken on this openly before, but after 29 years and further understanding myself in the context of society and the LGBTQ+ community, it was the right time. Listening to other people's stories (on Youtube, podcasts, TV shows & IG) REALLY helped validate my own, so I hope this can do that for you! Also great if you're just a curious cat or working on your allyship. THANKS FOR LISTENING :D ___ 👉An episode you might like (when this pod was BRAND MIND BODY): Singledom, Relationships & Polyamory - https://anchor.fm/themobilementor/episodes/Part-1-Singledom--Relationships--Everything-In-Between-e2mfd2  👉 Watch identity & self-growth videos on my IG: @a_blanx ____ Got thoughts or ideas? Email mobilementorpodcast@gmail.com or DM @themobilementor on IG
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