27 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

S4: Learnings for 2021 [2020 EP UPDATED]

Although the context and events of the year are different, the learnings I took from 2019 into 2020 still ring true. Here I discuss 4 main themes we can cultivate more of in 2021, plus some new reflections at the end. I hope you're all well; stay safe, humble, and home as much as possible. Thanks for being here. 🙏 Hope to be sharing more this year--reach out with anything you'd love to listen to or discuss via my IG @a_blanx or hit up mobilementorpodcast@gmail.com. ------------------- 🎧 If you loved this, you might like 'Learnings from Lockdown & BLM Movement': https://anchor.fm/themobilementor/episodes/S4-4-Learnings-from-Lockdown--BLM-Movement-eh6qrg 🎧
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