22 minutes | May 19, 2020

S4: Growing Up Biracial—White Mum, Black Dad - ep9/MM

**NB. I discuss some physical aspects of parenting and punishment, so if this is triggering for you please come back another time :).**  Hiiii, ALL! I believe that it's pretty key to learn about each other in order to have richer relationships, be more sensitive to different experiences, and become more inclusive. So, here's a step towards that! 🙏 Due to 234523 days in self-isolation and counting, I've been introspecting A LOT. Part of this has been looking at what I believe in the context of my upbringing; I'm biracial and bicultural growing up with a white, English mum, and a black, African dad in the UK. This is only part of my story, but it has helped me grasp WHO I want (and don't want) to be in the world today. I chat: gender roles, financial responsibilities, cultural traditions, and differing parenting styles (pre-divorce era FYI). THANKS FOR YOUR EARS & TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!!  ------- Message me on IG at @a_blanx! Would love to have more of these discussions. ------ Email: mobilementorpodcast@gmail.com & follow on IG @themobilementor 🙏
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