20 minutes | Jun 9, 2020

S4: Check Your Thinking, Ego & Racial Biases

Social media, the media at large, and our everyday conversations centre around racism, anti-racism, and the Black Lives Matter movement right now. With this, I'm seeing some common responses and behaviours arising that are problematic—here I unpack WHY. My hope is to help people (white friends and those with more privilege), to identify blind spots and ignorance, and work towards better understanding what's needed. There’s a tool at the end to help everyone become an ally, and shift our default way of thinking into being anti-racist. -------- My last podcast may also be insightful: ’Being Biracial, Covert Racism & Becoming Anti-Racist’: https://anchor.fm/themobilementor/episodes/Being-Biracial--Covert-Racism--Becoming-Anti-Racist-eetrjo/a-a2c94qp --------- Check my Instagram @a_blanx for regular Guru Moment videos offering further insights & life advice. Thanks for choosing this episode! BIPOC friends, I hope you're all looking after yourselves.
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