18 minutes | Mar 22, 2020

S4: A Short Guide to Self-care - ep6/MM

Self-care is an essential part of human existence in today's fast-paced, modern societies. This episode emphasizes the 'WHY' and importance of self-care—the strengthening of relationship with self, and what self-care could be. I also share some of my ultimate, daily/weekly/monthly strategies. 🙏🙏Hope you're well, and putting yourself (as much as you can) first. 🙏🙏Any feedback or episode ideas to mobilementorpodcast@gmail.com, or follow us on IG @themobilementor. Host: @a_blanx. HIT SUBSCRIBE IF THIS IS YOUR VIBE! _________________ Further resources: IG accounts @selfcareisforeveryone // @positivelypresent // @selfcareisapriority // @recipesforselflove // @notesfromyourtherapist  Self Magazine: https://www.self.com/ Podcast (on self-care baked into wellness): https://deliciouslyella.com/podcast/
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