15 minutes | Dec 23rd 2020

Reflections on a sh*tty year and visions for the next one

If you’re listening to this episode as it airs, it’s xmas eve 2020. I’m recording this in my brand new home office – which is such a lovely way to end an otherwise pretty shitty year. I have a cozy reading nook, ambient lighting, plants – and a door. A door! Finally some peace to record. The end of a year seems to automatically make me reflect on what was and what will become, and the shitfest that was 2020 is no different. In this episode I get a bit personal as I talk about the plans I had for 2020, how the events of the past year have affected those plans, how I feel about it, and what visions I have for my brand and business in 2021. Shownotes: https://petchy.co/shownotes/015/ Nominate a charity for a free rebrand.
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