111 minutes | May 7, 2021

BI 104 John Kounios and David Rosen: Creativity, Expertise, Insight

What is creativity? How do we measure it? How do our brains implement it, and how might AI?Those are some of the questions John, David, and I discuss. The neuroscience of creativity is young, in its “wild west” days still. We talk about a few creativity studies they’ve performed that distinguish different creative processes with respect to different levels of expertise (in this case, in jazz improvisation), and the underlying brain circuits and activity, including using transcranial direct current stimulation to alter the creative process. Related to creativity, we also discuss the phenomenon and neuroscience of insight (the topic of John’s book, The Eureka Factor), unconscious automatic type 1 processes versus conscious deliberate type 2 processes, states of flow, creative process versus creative products, and a lot more. John Kounios.Secret Chord Laboratories (David’s company).Twitter: @JohnKounios; @NeuroBassDave.John’s book (with Mark Beeman) on insight and creativity.The Eureka Factor: Aha Moments, Creative Insight, and the Brain.The papers we discuss or mention:All You Need to Do Is Ask? The Exhortation to Be Creative Improves Creative Performance More for Nonexpert Than Expert Jazz MusiciansAnodal tDCS to Right Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Facilitates Performance for Novice Jazz Improvisers but Hinders ExpertsDual-process contributions to creativity in jazz improvisations: An SPM-EEG study. Timestamps0:00 – Intro16:20 – Where are we broadly in science of creativity?18:23 – Origins of creativity research22:14 – Divergent and convergent thought26:31 – Secret Chord Labs32:40 – Familiar surprise38:55 – The Eureka Factor42:27 – Dual process model52:54 – Creativity and jazz expertise55:53 – “Be creative” behavioral study59:17 – Stimulating the creative brain1:02:04 – Brain circuits underlying creativity1:14:36 – What does this tell us about creativity?1:16:48 – Intelligence vs. creativity1:18:25 – Switching between creative modes1:25:57 – Flow states and insight1:34:29 – Creativity and insight in AI1:43:26 – Creative products vs. process
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