50 minutes | Mar 28, 2021

BI 100.6 Special: Do We Have the Right Vocabulary and Concepts?

We made it to the last bit of our 100th episode celebration. These have been super fun for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the collections as well. If you’re wondering where the missing 5th part is, I reserved it exclusively for Brain Inspired’s magnificent Patreon supporters (thanks guys!!!!). The final question I sent to previous guests: Do we already have the right vocabulary and concepts to explain how brains and minds are related? Why or why not? Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro5:04 – Andrew Saxe7:04 – Thomas Naselaris7:46 – John Krakauer9:03 – Federico Turkheimer11:57 – Steve Potter13:31 – David Krakauer17:22 – Dean Buonomano20:28 – Konrad Kording22:00 – Uri Hasson23:15 – Rodrigo Quian Quiroga24:41 – Jim DiCarlo25:26 – Marcel van Gerven28:02 – Mazviita Chirimuuta29:27 – Brad Love31:23 – Patrick Mayo32:30 – György Buzsáki37:07 – Pieter Roelfsema37:26 – David Poeppel40:22 – Paul Cisek44:52 – Talia Konkle47:03 – Steve Grossberg
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