69 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

BI 100.3 Can We Scale Up to AGI with Current Tech?

Part 3 in our 100th episode celebration. Previous guests answered the question: Given the continual surprising progress in AI powered by scaling up parameters and using more compute, while using fairly generic architectures (eg. GPT-3): Do you think the current trend of scaling compute can lead to human level AGI? If not, what’s missing? It likely won’t surprise you that the vast majority answer “No.” It also likely won’t surprise you, there is differing opinion on what’s missing. Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro3:56 – Wolgang Maass5:34 – Paul Humphreys9:16 – Chris Eliasmith12:52 – Andrew Saxe16:25 – Mazviita Chirimuuta18:11 – Steve Potter19:21 – Blake Richards22:33 – Paul Cisek26:24 – Brad Love29:12 – Jay McClelland34:20 – Megan Peters37:00 – Dean Buonomano39:48 – Talia Konkle40:36 – Steve Grossberg42:40 – Nathaniel Daw44:02 – Marcel van Gerven45:28 – Kanaka Rajan48:25 – John Krakauer51:05 – Rodrigo Quian Quiroga53:03 – Grace Lindsay55:13 – Konrad Kording57:30 – Jeff Hawkins102:12 – Uri Hasson1:04:08 – Jess Hamrick1:06:20 – Thomas Naselaris
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