44 minutes | Sep 28, 2020

Why I Want Disagreement On My Team

Kelly Caruso, CEO of Shipt, wants constructive disagreement on her team. How does disagreement lead to better outcomes? How can true diversity of thought be cultivated? What is the most important question she asks? What happens when a leader prevents or quashes constructive disagreement?  How do you show others that constructive feedback is safe and appreciated? What's the difference between constructive and destructive disagreement? Kelly answers these questions and also discusses: Where the end of innovation begins. Why a leader should go back and thank those who spoke up and offered a differing perspective that led to change. How she and Shipt have responded to COVID-19. EPISODE RESOURCES:Kelly’s Bio  Shipt Shipt FAQs About Shipt Shipt’s Sale to Target  Target Harvard Business ReviewBlinklist
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