44 minutes | Sep 26, 2021

God’s Hand is Upon You – Nehemiah Chapter 2

You have seen a need or come face-to-face with a crisis concerning the well-being of those you love. You’ve prayed for God to do something, to make a way. You’ve prayed for days, for weeks, for months… You feel like you’re hanging by a thread. Suddenly, the moment of truth has come—will your prayer be answered, or will your story have a shorter and unhappy ending? In Nehemiah Chapter 2 the story is not cut short. Nehemiah’s thread does not break; his story of God working continues to go forward even with some storm clouds of opposition appearing on the horizon. Come and see how Nehemiah can go forward, God’s people can arise and build, and you can take the next step, because “the good hand of God is upon you.”
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