49 minutes | Aug 12, 2019

Frogcast 011: The unlawful killing of my great grandfather, Patt Hennessy, 100 years ago

This podcast recounts a small piece of Irish history that happened on April 14th 1920 on the streets of Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, a small town on the west coast of Ireland.The story is told by my father, Michael Hennessy. For a long time we (the Hennessy family) believed the story to be different to the one that you will hear in this podcast. It is thanks to the work done by John Treacy, a historian who dedicated the first part of his career to uncovering the truth behind the folklore of that day, that I am able to share this story today.Patt Hennessy left behind his heavily-pregnant young wife Bridget, and two sons Joe and Mick (both under the age of 5). A few weeks after Patt died my grandfather, Paddy, was born.This is a very sad story because my great grandfather, Patt Hennessy, and two other men died completely unnecessarily that day, at the hands of a soldier who was never brought to justice despite the evidence that was shared at the tribunal afterwards. This podcast has been recorded as my way of paying tribute to my great grandparents and is dedicated to their memory and to the memory of the two other men, John O'Louglin and Thomas O'Leary, who lost their lives so tragically that day.
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