31 minutes | Mar 14, 2019

Frogcast 006: Actor, Film Director and Music Producer, this is Leon Corbin!

Meet the Actor, Film Director and Music Producer Leon Corbin.Hear how Leon came into acting at tender age of thirteen where at the very last minute he stepped into a lead role and saved the show. We talk about what advice he would give to people wanting to enter into acting, including the role of the British Film Institute in helping young talent and the importance of attitude and mindset.We go onto discuss all the various shows that he has been involved in including BBC Casualty, Eastenders and all the celebrities he has worked with including Danny Dyer, Danny Boy - Hatchard, Martin Kemp, Dani Dyer, Paul Chiedozie, Brash Youngturks, Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench, Robert DeNiro, Sir Kenneth Brannagh, Ann Mitchell, Shona Mcgarty, Jacqueline Jossa, and Charles Venn.  We also spend some time talking about his role in Skyfall and in Artemis Fowl, that latest Disney film being released in August.Leon shares the story-line behind his director debut Trevor Martin 006.5, which he will be wrapping up filming of in June in Ilfracombe, and talks about what is involved in bringing a production like that to life including the launch party and screening which will be happening in Ilfracombe this summer.   With big brands like Virgin and Amazon Prime all expressing interested in the movie, this is a really exciting time for Leon.  Box of Frogs wish him the best of success and we hope that 2019 gives him the kudos he deserves for his commitment and passion to his profession.A bit about me …. DJ Fiona White I’m a house music DJ with a passion for playing deep and chilled music as well as sharing stories that inspire me.   Recently I have been accepted onto Ibiza’s first international DJ Academy, where I am being mentored by house music legends; Roger Sanchez, and Brandon Block whilst also being guided by DJ Academy owner, and entrepreneur Danny Savage.The inspiration for my passion for music comes from nearly two decades of visits to Ibiza where I have spent many hours soaking up the sunshine vibes, attending both opening and closing parties and also paying homage to the most influential of global DJ’s, on the dance floors of Ibiza’s world famous clubs.Box of Frogs (my very own Frogcast) is my way of expressing my love of all that I am passionate about and connecting with people through a mutual love of house music and a desire to be inspired and smile more through life ……  Oh and I’m also Irish so the colour green works a treat!
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