30 minutes | Feb 11, 2019

Frogcast 003: From homeless to becoming an Ibizan entrepreneur meet Dave Travolta!

Meet Dave Travolta, who in the last five years has gone from being totally broke and homeless on the streets of Barcelona, to completely turning his life around.  Listen to his inspirational story from where he literally picks himself off the streets, knocks on one door after another in the famous Las Ramblas, until he was given a chance of a job opportunity at an Irish bar that paid him enough money to get off the streets and into a hostel that day. From there he goes onto educate himself on social media which resulted in him setting up his own consulting business with clients all round the world, including Ibiza, and is now back living in his own apartment in Barcelona after being scouted by Hewlett Packard.  In addition, a few years back, he also discovered a cure for asthma, eczema and depression through fasting and a commitment to nutrition, and a diet full of what he calls "life-foods" in a manner completely different to the one that we are taught to follow.Dave shares his story daily on Instagram (@dave_travolta) where you get a sneak peak into the life of a free spirited agent of change. His fans worldwide support him and his actions and keep in contact with him as he whizzes round the small businesses of Barcelona and enjoys a freedom of spirit and a kindness of heart, that we can all benefit from, just by talking with him. It's my pleasure to know you Dave and I am very grateful to have had the chance to share your truly inspiring story.A bit about me …. DJ Fiona White I’m a house music DJ with a passion for playing deep and chilled music as well as sharing stories that inspire me.   Recently I have been accepted onto Ibiza’s first international DJ Academy, where I am being mentored by house music legends; Roger Sanchez, Brandon Block, and Doorly, whilst also being guided by DJ Academy owner, and entrepreneur Danny Savage.The inspiration for my passion for music comes from nearly two decades of visits to Ibiza where I have spent many hours soaking up the sunshine vibes, attending both opening and closing parties and also paying homage to the most influential of global DJ’s, on the dance floors of Ibiza’s world famous clubs.Box of Frogs (my very own Frogcast) is my way of expressing my love of all that I am passionate about and connecting with people through a mutual love of house music and a desire to be inspired and smile more through life ……  Oh and I’m also Irish so the colour green works a treat!Want to know more? Find me here: Mixcloud: DJ Fiona WhiteFacebook: @djfionawhiteInstagram: White_where_its_at
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