119 minutes | Nov 1, 2020

Ep64: Bowie vs. Dylan vs. Chaz vs. Jake, or The Greatest BvD Awards of Their ENTIRE CAREERS

Here's one or more sentences to describe this shockingly (long) final regular-run episode of the shockingly (all figures relative to actual popular) popular podcast, Bowie vs. Dylan: It's the last one. Jake: Are you cryin', Chaz, because I'm not cryin'. Chaz: I'm not cryin' either, Jake. Jake: I'm DEFINITELY not not cryin'. Chaz: Wait, does that mean you ARE cryin'?  Your double negative is confusing, as are all your double negatives, and frankly, all of your words altogether. Jake: I'll let you be the judge, but just know that I had to get a new beer that I'm not not cryin' in, and buy a new keyboard that I didn't not ruin because I was not not cryin' on it, and Lord I hope it comes via not Amazon in time for me to finish this one-or-more-sentences blurb about this not not last episode of Bowie vs. Dylan.  Chaz: (not not cryin') Jake: (not not cryin') Internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pVT_mvvZLo Chaz: I'm Charlie, and I like Bowie, as well as superty-duper long episodes of the podcast I co-host that are so drawn out that they go against every fiber of my being! Jake: And I'm Jake, and I love Dylan, as well as wildly long and incoherent podcasts that are still half as long as every single average Academy Awards in existence! Everybody: And that's that, on this not not not final BvD Awards episode of Bowie vs. Dylan.
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