73 minutes | Oct 14, 2020

Ep63: 2016 - Blackstar vs. Fallen Angels or The Cunningly Cadaverous Crooning of 2016

Hey, what you can say about 2016?  Besides, of course, GREAT YEAR.   Absolutely nothing upsetting happened that continues and will continue to reverberate through the political ages, nor did, like, 154 important musician/celebrities die unexpectedly within what seemed like a 6 month span. Nope, good one, 2016.  Way to go!   You won't find us complaining, not even because David Bowie passed away, because hey, he released an amazing album just before that that took on a whole new and deeper meaning immediately.  Eh?  And even though Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature, which must have seemed like a huge bummer for him, at least he stretched the boundaries to their breaking point for actually accepting the coveted prize.  All of Bowie's albums shot to the top of the charts, Dylan was 2 million kroner richer, and me and Charlie are about to ride off into the sunset having talked about it way too much. So at least we got that going for us, which is nice, on this 2016 edition of Bowie vs. Dylan.
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