64 minutes | Sep 1, 2020

Ep60 - Bowie vs. Dylan or The Best Deep Cuts of THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS

David Bowie: Say there, good chaps and chapettes!  I have a simple, but deceptively profound question to ask of you: Good Chaps and Chapettes: Lay it on us, Bowie. David Bowie: Brilliant!  So here goes- Bob Dylan: Heeeeeeeey, Bob Dylan here, also with a question to ask of everyone. Good Chaps and Chapettes: Hi Bob!  Well, as long as it's an incredible coincidence and the question is the same as David's...we suppose, because we have a ton of stuff to do around the yard today and we're not made of time, you know. David Bowie: Should we just say it together, Bob, on the count of 3? Bob Dylan: Is that on 3, or just after 3? David Bowie: ON 3, man. Bob Dylan: Stop yelling at me. David Bowie and Bob Dylan: 1...2...HOW DEEP ARE THE CUTS? Chaps and Chapettes: Our open wounds or musical tracks? David Bowie: Most of my musical tracks ARE open wounds, metaphorically, well, anyway, we mean music. Bob Dylan: a. DEEEP cuts? David Bowie: b. DEEEEP cuts? Bob Dylan: c. DEEEEEP cuts? David Bowie: Or d. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP CUUUUUUTS? Chaps and Chapettes: No all of the above option?  We feel it should be all of the above, on this very special 60th podcast extravaganza edition of Bowie vs. Dylan.    
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