81 minutes | Jun 30, 2020

Ep56: 2014 - Sue (Or in a Season of Almost Nothing! Absolutely Nothing!) vs. The Basement Tapes Complete or The Chrysler Ad Compilations of 2014

The myriad choices for your preferred Super Deluxe Edition of this Bowie vs. Dylan Podcast 2014 have arrived by magic horseback, delivered by hand, by Bob Dylan and David Bowie!  Aren't you thrilled?  Check out all the special deviations and features, and pick your favorite to own, or your most favorite favorite, since you'll for sure want them all: 7 CDs, 14 LPs, 1 DVDs: Bowie looks suave as H, making you slightly uncomfortable to show the 70 page booklet of Hot Granddad Bowie photos to your Granddaughter.  Dylan looks like his Vincent Price mustache has been poorly CGI'd right off his ancient yet eerily smooth face, making you equally uncomfortable in a totally different way to show the photos to your Granddaughter or anyone else really.  Cost: $85 1 CDs, 1 LP, 14 DVDs: Whoops, we had found even MORE hand-written lyrics from Dylan's Basement Tapes years, and accidentally included the originals in this boxset.  Those are practically priceless.  Please send this one back!  Cost: Priceless 0 CDs, 22 LPs, 0 DVDs: Jazz Covers Edition!  Bowie records exactly one (1) jazz cover for inclusion, the remaining content are Dylan's efforts, totaling one thousand (1000) mellow, crooning contributions.  Cost: $235 390 CDs, 0 LPs, 0 DVDs: 195 separate "Best Of" compilations for each of Bowie and Dylan's greatest contributions to music.  195 different chronological track listings each, 195 different orderings based on country where sold for each, 195 different hand-drawn album cover arts for each.  1 result: INCREDIBLE SUCCESS.  Cost: $4290. Note: set cannot be broken up into individual compilations. 10 CDs, 10 LPs, 100 DVDs: This episode and this episode only re-enacted word for word in different podcasting styles by some of the biggest musical stars of the day never to be knocked from their cultural pedestal ever: Jim James! Elvis Costello! Taylor Goldsmith! Rhiannon Giddens! Marcus Mumford?!  Producer: T-Bone Burnett.  Listener: YOU.  Cost: $1,000,000  0 CD's, 0 LP's, 0 DVD's: One (1) podcast broadcast for free ($0) via all of your favorite podcast platforms and players.  Cost: $0 Myself and Chaz bought all of them, even the weird "priceless" one, so if you're any kind of fan you'll follow suit, just kidding, we love you, on this 2014 edition of Bowie vs. Dylan.    
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