70 minutes | Jun 15, 2020

Ep55: 1973 - Aladdin Sane and Pin-Ups vs. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and DYLAN or The Glam Gaucho of 1973

Dye your horsehair red, dolled-up dogies, and join us for an olden yet futuristic romp with David Bowie and Bob Dylan through the year 1973!  Meet your cast of characters: David Bowie: I'm one of the biggest stars in the universe.  Or STARdusts, IF you know what I mean! Bob Dylan: Heeeey, me too!  Except substitute the space metaphors for old west ones.  Literally everyone on earth knows who I am in 1973, whether I like it or not, which I definitely don't. Sam Peckinpah: I don't know who you are.  Who is this kid?  I mean, who is this Billy the Kid? Kris Kristofferson: Sammy...what?  It's my good friend Bobby!  Ever since I swept up his commemorative one millionth cigarette butt in 1966, I've found him to be the most magnetic acting presence anyone's ever done laid eyes on! Sam Peckinpah: That's patently untrue.  But...as a young, hungry, up-and-coming musician, I guess he might have a future? ColumBS Records Executives: Well, he did, Sam, he really did, he used to, we guess, until he disappointed us deeply by continuing to sell millions of records but not releasing super-classics every 5 months.  I know!  Let's release his worst album to convince him to stay on with us now that we kicked him to the curb but then he unexpectedly had a gigantic hit. David Bowie's Outrageous Red Mullet: This is my time, baby!   Bob Dylan's Slightly Subdued Fro: This is my time to get shoved under a period-specific Stetson cowboy hat!  Check me out again starting in the year 2000 and continuing until the end of time. David Bowie's Fans: AAAAAAAAAGHGGHHGHGHGHHGHGH WE LOVE YOU ZIGGY WE BOUGHT ALL YOUR RECORDS!!!! Bob Dylan's Family: AAAAAAAAGHGHGHGHHHHHGGHGHH, Mexico is hell for us. The Spiders From Mars: Wait, what did David just say? Did we just get canned on stage in front of thousands of fans who definitely love us just as much if not more than David Bowie? He couldn't have just- David Bowie: You're fired!  Sorry, not sorry, mates, on this 1973 edition of Bowie vs. Dylan.
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