78 minutes | Apr 30, 2020

Ep52: 1993 - Black Tie/White Noise and Buddha of Suburbia vs. World Gone Wrong and The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration or The Try Hardiness of 1993

Welcome to the 52nd Anniversary Concert Celebration of Bowie vs. Dylan!!!  With your host, David Bowie!!!!! David Bowie: Thanks so much, you're all so lovely!  Well, this is grand, isn't it?  It's just me and Bob Dylan, together at last for a special tribute to- Backstage Lackey #1: (rushes over discreetly and whispers in Bowie's ear, for, like, a while.) David Bowie: Well, folks, it seems there's been a misunderstanding, I've NOT been invited to perform at long last with Bob and fulfill the secret prophecy of most of the world's religions. (long uncomfortable pause) I'm just here to lend my wonderfully rich voice and presence to the proceedings.  It seems no-one, not even my record label, will release me singing or playing anything at all.  Just me in tuxedo attire and speaking soothingly as if I was a particular form of sleep aid.  Say...that gives me an idea!  But anyway, if I wasn't invited to sing, then I guess no-one was. John Mellencamp, Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Eddie Vedder, Tracy Chapman, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Winter, Ron Wood, Richie Havens, Neil Young, Chrissie Hynde, Eric Clapton, The O'Jays, The Band but not Robbie Robertson, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roger McGuinn, The Clancy Brothers, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Roseanne Cash, and Shawn Colvin, and Sinead O'Connor: WE were invited! Bob Dylan: Heeeey, sorry I'm late.  I was trying very hard to pretend that I would come by rehearsing and promising to come, but then be so late or have some excuse as to why I had to skip it altogether, but I lost track of how late I wanted to be and accidentally showed up for the at least the last 1/3 of this concert devoted to me. Everyone: Blowin' in the Wind, anyone?  On this 1993 edition of Bowie vs. Dylan.  
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