56 minutes | Apr 14, 2020

Ep51: 1968 - Ernie Johnson vs. Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! or The Shortness and Sweetness of 1968

Setting: The year 1968, A 4th-rate comedy club called "LAFFS!!!", late at night (or early in the morning), quiet and mostly deserted, and not because of social distancing orders. Emcee: Ladies and germs, our next act needs no introduction, he's mop-topped and just flew in from England, you know the rest, it's...DAVID JONES! (light applause) David Jones: Erm, it's actually David BOWIE now. Emcee: Whatever, say it don't spray it, man. David Bowie: I just flew in from England, and boy, are my arms tired! (crickets chirping) Emcee: Good one!  I hate to cut into your explosive set here, bub, but let's get this over with, don't you have a special guest or something you'd like to bring on, or something? David Bowie: Right, here he is from Woodstock, NY, USA, it's...Bob Dylan!!! Bob Dylan: (talking in a strange half-croon, half-nasal whine) I just flew in from Woodstock, and boy are my arms tired! (half the crickets roaring in approval over nothing, half the crickets yelling "Judas!") David Bowie and Bob Dylan: Let's see, what else?  What else...has been goin on? Hmmm, let's see, on this edition of Bowie vs. Dylan.
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