45 minutes | May 29, 2021

Love, Depth and our Union

#9 This time I am joined by a really special guest - my beloved Oliver. Tune in with us to get a sneak peek into our relationship.We are speaking about various topics, such as:- what does a conscious relationship and a Sacred Union mean to us- how did we find ourselves in such a relationship- what challenges we have had on the way- what does it take from a man to be in a relationship with a powerful woman (such as myself!)- what do we do to cultivate the art of polarity in our UnionIf you loved this episode make sure to leave a review and subscribe so that you are notified when I upload a new episode.If you want to become a magnet for a Sacred Union in your life and feel to join my online course Come, my Love, you will find all details about how to do so here: https://sofiasundari.com/come-my-love-online-program/
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