51 minutes | Nov 19th 2018

BosBattle: MIT's T.L. Taylor

This is an episode from BosBattle, the predecessor to How Indie Games Get Made.MIT professor T.L. Taylor discusses her new book, "Watch Me Play: Twitch and the Rise of Game Live Streaming," what she has learned from studying esports, streaming and video games cultures for a living, how playing EverQuest led her to pursue video game academia and what role platforms should play in fostering inclusion and diversity in streaming.Subscribe to BosBattle's newsletter: http://bit.ly/bosbattle.Music by Jesse Gertz: http://jessegertz.com/.Mastering by Kegan Zema: https://www.keganzema.com/.Recorded at PRX's Podcast Garage in Allston: https://www.podcastgarage.org/.
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