55 minutes | Apr 14, 2020

The Ol' Side-Eye [Justin Soundwaves debut] (Ep.00024)

In this episode of Boothin’ Y’all Y’all chronicles and freestyles about the tempting nature of lawn sculptures, the alleged 90's satanic influence on Pokemon and Harry Potter, and his top five albums among many other things. The Boothin’ hotline opens up for the first time on this episode as well. The Boothin’ family gets to listen to “Hopi” by Justin Soundwaves on this episode as well.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________You had a taste of Justin Soundwaves music this week with the track “Hopi”.  If you need mixing, mastering, session work, or lessons, use this link to contact him. Find all his socials and information through his website. He also is having a fundraiser for music purposes that you can find using the facebook button on his website.http://www.JustinSoundwaves.comListen to his album Flourishes on Spotify and all other streaming serviceshttps://open.spotify.com/album/1KSNeNMxzBwDOlC5vKaIh4?si=U7w_mSxZQ2OOwL1lbIgLpA__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Email thoughts/beats/questions to BoothinPod@gmail.comFollow Boothin’ on IG/Twitter @Boothin_PodCall the Boothin’ hotline 910-718-4442 and leave questions to be answered on a future episode.http://www.twitter.com/Boothin_Podhttp://www.instagram.com/Boothin_Podhttp://www.BoothinPod.com  to share all platforms If you want free Boothin’ stickers please DM/email me!   It may take a while. I’m trying to accumulate a large order/amount in order to minimize going to the post office.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Intro and Outro music by Self-Help. Support these Boothin’ baddies and check out their music: https://self-helpguy.bandcamp.com/album/no-returns https://open.spotify.com/artist/6wI83RGyqZKQ6nJ3aKiLOz?si=SZ_umDMRRZiM0PVFOFTwAQhttps://soundcloud.com/self_help9669/infection-demo __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Freestyle instrumental prod by Cxdy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdUFOWuiZxD9RYnYSq1Xm0Q______________________________________________Logo designed by Ryan Houser ( @HouserArchitecture on IG) 
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