35 minutes | Apr 21, 2020

Mental Tourism (Ep.00025)

In this episode of Boothin’ Y’all Y’all chronicles and freestyles about the disintegrating barriers of commons sense, his stint as the worst waiter on the east coast, and the need for mental levity among many other things. The Boothin’ hotline (910-718-4442 ) remains open so feel free to harass the show with your issues and questions.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email thoughts/beats/questions/collab requests to BoothinPod@gmail.comFollow Boothin’ on IG/Twitter @Boothin_PodCall the Boothin’ hotline 910-718-4442 and leave questions to be answered on a future episode.http://www.twitter.com/Boothin_Podhttp://www.instagram.com/Boothin_Podhttp://www.BoothinPod.com  to share all platforms If you want free Boothin’ stickers please DM/email me!   It may take a while. I’m trying to accumulate a large order/amount in order to minimize going to the post office.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Intro and Outro music by Hunter Brown. Give this Boothin’ family member a follow on instagramhttp://www.instagram.com/_hunderbrown_ @_HunterBrown_  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Freestyle instrumental prod by okthxbb and topy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfYh__gdTadfiFFBJy5lsg subscribe to their channel for all kinds of cool beats______________________________________________Logo designed by Ryan Houser ( @HouserArchitecture on IG)http://www.instagram.com/HouserArchitecture
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