2 minutes | Sep 5th 2020

Teachers Day - Respect, Gratitude and a small Tribute to all teachers

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Today Teachers Day! In reality, we should thank our teachers daily since we are today because of them. We meet so many teachers in our daily life - our elder family members, friends-colleagues, younger ones too :), our teachers from school-college, our different teachers who teach us sports, different arts, and the most important teacher - the experiences we have in our daily life.

We learn the most important virtue in life - Gratitude!

Apart from all these, I would like to thank some more people who have brighten our lives with their larger than life talent, hardwork and achievements. I won't puzzle you much.. 

Pu La Deshpande (a single word is not enough to describe this man's versatility and talent, but one thing for sure - my inspiration for Read-aloud stories),

Madhuri Purandare (Author and illustrator for childrens' books)

APJ Abdul Kalaam (The amazing journey of a small town simple boy to a great scientist, President of India and a very good human being), 

Sai Paranjape (Author, director - amazing marathi plays written by her for kids), 

Sandeep Khare (Poet, Narrator for kids' book GOTYA), 

And many more common people who have overcome hurdles with determination to achieve the greatest heights! 

Salute and respect to all those.. Happy Teachers' Day !   

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