113 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

Trixie Belden: The Marshland Mystery (Part 2)

Lisa and Amy finish their discussion of The Marshland Mystery in this Trixie Belden episode. 18-year-old reporter, Paul Trent, has a bone to pick with Trixie and the BWGs. He’s determined to destroy Trixie’s reputation as Sleepyside’s best resident detective. If that weren’t enough, Trixie still has to play matchmaker to Bobby & Gaye, organize an antique sale, and stop the city council from forcing Miss Rachael into a nursing home. As always, only some of the following questions will be answered: Who’s Emily? What happened to the surly men digging up Miss Rachael’s garden? Will Gaye ever be able to live the life she truly wants? Why does a bit of rain keep the entire town from showing up at an indoor antique sale?

In Lisa’s ender, you’re invited to the most politically incorrect party yet. Hint: The invitations are in the shape of tepees… 

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