42 minutes | Mar 27th 2021

Special Roundtable Episode with Renn and Gina from New Suns Box and Author Kiku Hughes

Joining me on this episode is author Kiku Hughes who wrote the graphic novel Displacement, and Renn and Gina from New Suns Box. We discuss Kiku’s personal story and research, historical and contemporary administration influence, what led to the creation of the book, who the book is intended for, sci-fi and neocolonial, intergenerational trauma and silence, and patterns of racism in the United States. Kiku’s Twitter: @kikuhughes https://twitter.com/kikuhughes New Suns Box Website:  newsunsbox.com New Suns Box Twitter: @newsunsbox  https://twitter.com/newsunsbox New Suns Instagram: @newsunsbox  https://www.instagram.com/newsunsbox/ Article about Intergenerational Trauma: https://www.apa.org/monitor/2019/02/legacy-trauma New Suns Box is a subscription box that aims to uplift diverse voices from authors who are of marginalized communities and come from marginalized identities to bring their work and art into a wider audience. Each box also contains prints, stickers, pins, etc from BIPOC owned small businesses.  This podcast is not psychotherapy or counseling. If you need to speak with a professional, you should find one local to you and contact them directly. IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL EMERGENCY NUMBER OR GO TO YOUR NEAREST EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.
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