20 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

Steven Berglas: Stay Hungry and Kick Burnout in the Butt

Are you exhausted?  Does this pandemic and political hellscape feel like a job you’re not allowed to quit?  In Stay Hungry and Kick Burnout In The Butt, Dr. Steven Berglas has the perfect prescription to help you channel all that energy into something positive and worthwhile.  Listen as he and Amanda explore what makes us feel fulfilled and self-actualized while exploring some stories about people who channeled those negative feelings for good.About the Author:A former faculty member of Harvard Medical School's Department of Psychiatry and staff member of McLean Hospital for more than 25 years, Dr. Steven Berglas is now an executive coach and corporate consultant based in Los Angeles, CA. He is the author of four books that examine how the changes brought about by career success cause vocational, interpersonal, and psychological problems. He has published more than 70 articles and journal reports on the causes and cures of self-defeating behavior, the factors that cause executives to fail, and how to prevent white-collar crime.Episode Credits:This episode was produced by Andrew Dunn, Beau Friedlander and Amanda Stern. It was edited, mixed and sound-designed by Andrew Dunn who also created Bookable's chill vibe.  Our host is Amanda Stern. Beau Friedlander is Bookable's executive producer and editor in chief of Loud Tree Media. Music:"Books That Bounce" by Rufus Canis, "Uni Swing Vox" by Rufus Canis, "Santa Barbara Blues" by Don deBrauwere, "On the Move" by Dr Crosby, "Good Morning Melody" by Lullatone, "Dementia" by Wild Whirled, "Hopeless" by Pebaluna, "The SSLottery" by Little Glass Men, "Why (Do you Doubt Me Baby?)" by Andrew Kaffer.
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