40 minutes | Jul 11, 2019

Why are characters alone in scary stories? (Wicked Wolves part three)

Why do scary stories always isolate the main characters? To build tension of course! The role of War, the Black Death, the Pandemic Influenza, and World War 1 in advancing the role of women. The last of three episodes examining the historical aspects found in the short story The Wicked Wolves of Windsor from the book of the same name.Season 1, Episode 6(includes language)---Find the shownotes here:https://byrdnash.com/2019/07/11/characters-in-scary-stories-podcast/---Grab a free book at my website!---Follow me on:AmazonGoodreadsBookbubsInstagram/Byrd_Nash---Request to join my private author network group via my public FB page:Facebook.com/ByrdNashBooks
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