33 minutes | Jan 2, 2020

Creating fantasy stories by starting with a What If?

What if a woman, who has always seen herself as meek and mild, and squeamish about blood, needs to become her own heroine? We also discuss what fuels creativity - coffee, coffee shops, and notebooks!Author interview with Candy Glynn Wilder.We are back! After losing one episode that wouldn't copy and my laryingitis, as well as dealing with the holidays, we are wrapping up Season 2 which interviewed new writers. Season 3 which begins mid January 2020 will return to discussing creatures of myths and legends and how fantasy uses them in their stories (as well as how I used them in my new College Fae series).Season 2, Episode 5---Find the shownotes here:https://byrdnash.com/2020/01/02/are-writers-really-fueled-by-coffee-and-coffee-shops/---Grab a free book at my website!---Follow me on:AmazonGoodreadsBookbubsInstagram/Byrd_Nash---Request to join my private author network group via my public FB page:Facebook.com/ByrdNashBooks
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