52 minutes | Jan 1st 2019

BT bloggers: It’s gonna be raw – BT064

Guest: Gabby| Host: Rudi Bremer | Audio producer: Rudi Bremer | Recorded: 21/09/2018 Sydney

What better way to celebrate the new year than with our (super very) belated podcast anniversary episode! *cue applause*

We talk about Lisa Valdez’s books, whether you can have a multi-book romance, our urban fantasy faves, and Gabby’s love for Flowers From the Storm.

Once again, Rudi has organised a special treat for us — we’re playing Book Thingo bingo! If you want to play along, you can generate a bingo card here. But let me just say: this game was totally rigged not in my favour…


Rudi Bremer — Amazing audio producer and recommender of books: @rudi_bee

Gabby — Wearer of socks and gloves, new owner of the Fabio cover of Flowers From the Storm: @penneclearwater

  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Passion by Lisa Valdez
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Patience by Lisa Valdez
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Primrose by Lisa Valdez
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — The Tower by Lisa Valdez
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Everything I Left Unsaid by M. O’Keefe [ review ]
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — The Truth About Him by M. O’Keefe
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews [ live tweets ]
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs [ reviews ]
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Dark Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
  • BDBT | Amz | Aud — Flowers From the Storm by Laura Kinsale

Kate Cuthbert


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I found the Fabio cover of Flowers from the Storm!!!

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