30 minutes | Dec 16th 2020

BM250: How to Create the Best First Impression on the Virtual Stage

Do you want to know how to create the best first impression on the virtual stage? Listen as first impressions expert, Sylvie di Giusto shares her powerful tips and techniques to help you shine on your next online presentation.

In this week's powerful podcast episode "How to Create the Best First Impression on the Virtual Stage" you will discover...

  • What impression-making things you need to be aware of when interacting virtually
  • What conscious and unconscious digital footprints are you making?
  • Are your emails and social media footprints creating positive or negative perceptions about you?
  • Essentials you need to know to create an "expert" footprint
  • The do's and don'ts of being seen in the virtual environment
  • What to wear and what not to wear on camera
  • How not to get neurotic about presenting online
  • And a whole lot more...

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