56 minutes | Apr 29, 2015

Ep. 34 - Pause The Tape, Live (Crushes, Flings, & Sex Scenes)

Gilmore Girls! Weezer! Cruel Intentions! Vanilla Ice! Can't Hardly Wait! We look at the movies and music that get our hearts racing in a special episode, dispatched from our live storytelling show, Pause The Tape, co-hosted with The Soundtrack Series' Dana Rossi.Storytellers, and links to scenes/songs referenced in stories:Kseniya Yarosh on Cool as IceDana Rossi on Gilmore Girls, Season 3, Ep: 8 "Let The Games Begin"C.D. Hermelin on WeezerEleanor Kagan on Can't Hardly WaitDana Rossi on Gilmore Girls, Season 3, Ep: 9 "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving"Isaac Oliver on Cruel IntentionsOur next live edition of Pause the Tape is on April 30th, 2015 at Videology in Brooklyn. More info at bonnieandmaude.com
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