94 minutes | Jun 21st 2020

"Shatter The Stereotype" ft. @ryetun @scott.b.king & @via.simone's dad

Let's give it up for all the amazing black dads out there! The host via Simone sat down with some incredible black dads, cataloguing their experiences at every step of the journey. From preparing for fatherhood to instilling quality morals & values in their black children, listen as Ryan, Scott, and James (Simone's dad) share every single reward and challenge that comes with shattering the stereotype as they set the tone for what it means to be a black father. Quick Breakdown: Meet Ryan @ 3:16 Meet Scott @ 26:45 Meet James @ 54:17 Follow Ryan & Scott on Instagram: www.instagram.com/ryetun www.instagram.com/scott.b.king Follow Simone on Instagram: www.instagram.com/via.simone Follow Bonnets & Durags on Twitter & Instagram at www.twitter.com/BonnetsDurags // www.instagram.com/bonnetsdurags Website: www.bonnetsanddurags.com Intro credit: @iamkingjules
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