97 minutes | Jun 28th 2020

"Queer Queens" ft. @mrjordanlloyd & @jprett

We're here to celebrate YOU! During today's episode, we highlight the stories of two lovely queer folks, Jordan & Jess, and everything that comes along with being black and PROUD AF in the LGBTQ+ community. From stepping into their queerness at different stages in their lives to proper pronouns and terminology to reimagining their relationships, this episode is full of teachable, shareable, heartwarming moments. Happy Pride Month! And remember, All Black Lives Matter. The Breakdown: (6:57) MEET JESS & JORDAN (9:33) GROWING UP IN THE DANCE COMMUNITY (19:26) SPEED DATING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL (29:19) STEPPING INTO QUEERNESS (35:02) QUICK & DIRTY GLOSSARY OF ALL OF THE TERMS (39:29) TRADE VS. DL (43:16) STUDYING QUEER THEORY (46:03) COMING OUT STORIES  (57:37) PARTNERSHIPS & DATING (1:15:13) PROPER SYMBOLISM + GUIDELINES TO PROTESTING (1:19:20) WHITE ALLIES + ADVOCACY (1:22:54) THE RISE OF BIPOC + WHY SAYING "OF COLOR" IS PROBLEMATIC (1:28:26) IS YOUR IDENTITY ASSIGNED AT BIRTH OR A LEARNED BEHAVIOR? Follow Ryan & Scott on Instagram: www.instagram.com/mrjordanlloyd www.instagram.com/jprett Follow Simone on Instagram: www.instagram.com/via.simone Follow Bonnets & Durags on Twitter & Instagram at www.twitter.com/BonnetsDurags // www.instagram.com/bonnetsdurags Website: www.bonnetsanddurags.com Intro credit: @iamkingjules
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