124 minutes | Jul 26th 2020

"Mango Habanero" ft. @donpeezly & @justroach._

"Mango Habanero" is a random conversation-starter game that Simone made up to challenge some of her most "closeted" guy friends to open up, dive deep, get spicy, and unpack emotions -- all in the name of being raw, real, and intimate. The rules of the game are simple. Simone picks a "sweet" / thought provoking card OR Simone picks a "spicy" / XXX-rated card and each guest has to answer it truthfully. On this week's episode, her two friends Don & Roach didn't back down from the challenge. Follow Don & Roach on Instagram: www.instagram.com/donpeezly www.instagram.com/justroach._ Follow Simone on Instagram: www.instagram.com/via.simone Follow Bonnets & Durags on Twitter & Instagram www.twitter.com/BonnetsDurags www.instagram.com/bonnetsdurags Website: www.bonnetsanddurags.com Intro credit: @iamkingjules
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