83 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

"Cookies & Cream" ft. @iambridgeet @retrobarbie92 @johnnyjeann

Love is love...right? For this episode of the podcast, via Simone facilitated healthy dialogue with three different folks with three very different perspectives on interracial dating and relationships. Bridget is currently in an interracial relationship with a white man. Catherine is a product of an interracial relationship and has her own personal thoughts on dating outside of your race. Johnny is completely against interracial relationships for a specific reason. Listen to the episode in full to hear potentially changed mindsets. Where do you land on this topic and how do you feel about it? Follow Catherine, Bridget, & Johnny on Instagram: www.instagram.com/iambridgeet www.instagram.com/retrobarbie92 www.twitter.com/johnnyjeann Follow Simone on Instagram: www.instagram.com/via.simone Follow Bonnets & Durags on Twitter & Instagram www.twitter.com/BonnetsDurags www.instagram.com/bonnetsdurags Website: www.bonnetsanddurags.com Intro credit: @iamkingjules
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