74 minutes | May 24th 2020

"By The Book" ft. @via.simone

We're back! The host via Simone kicks off the fourth season with her first ever solo episode. So much has changed in the world + in her life since season three. From comparison culture to her quarantine breakup, she covers it all in this healing, transformational tell-all episode. The Breakdown: (6:15) "SHOWING UP PRESENT, NOT PERFECT" (13:47) MY BACKGROUND STORY (25:12) MY QUARANTINE BREAKUP (35:43) CODEPENDENCY EXPLAINED (46:16) RE-ESTABLISHING MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD (49:03) BEING A 'BY-THE-BOOK TYPE OF B*TCH' (55:05) HONORING HEROES & FALLEN VICTIMS + INFORMATION OVERLOAD (59:37) "COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY" (1:08:03) WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SEASON Follow Simone on Instagram: www.instagram.com/via.simone Follow Bonnets & Durags on Twitter & Instagram at www.twitter.com/BonnetsDurags // www.instagram.com/bonnetsdurags Website: https://bonnetsanddurags.com Intro credit: @iamkingjules
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